Understanding the DNA of your business

The strength of a business comes from how well you understand its blueprint. If the blueprint is well defined it is much easier to determine whether any new ventures, changes or expansions are viable. Bizelix can help you produce your business blueprint.

We do this via a series of workshops - the initial workshop being used to establish the scope of your business and/or ideas so we can determine how many sessions will be required to produce your blueprint. Once defined, your blueprint will be there forever underpinning whatever you choose to do in the future, repaying the considerable commitment required to produce it.

    We will look at:
  • What your business is, or will be, about
  • What you want to or are marketing
  • Who your existing or potential clients are
  • What your existing or potential clients are looking for

The workshops were incredibly interesting and demanding of your brain but full of storming ideas...they brought out more of the aspects of the business world I work in and the potential in that world for the web to generate more opportunities. The final analysis was revealing and fantastic!!!
Musical Director and Business Entrepreneur, Bath

The blueprint is not a product in itself but is a means to an end. This part of the Bizelix approach is always used to deliver an actual end product.

    With the blueprint in place we can help you:
  • Look into whether your ideas and/or changes to your business focus are viable
  • Conduct more in-depth market analysis and research
  • Look into the most appropriate way to get your ideas out there
  • Look into making your ideas pay
  • Present your ideas to business investors
  • Look into different and imaginative ways of presenting/organising your business
  • Improve your productivity or optimisation by looking at your business processes
  • Improve your marketing
  • Improve your image
  • Improve your online presence
  • Improve how your current website works

We can also provide the admin support for example to communicate your ideas in the form of reports, brochures, presentations etc.

  • Are your ideas viable?
  • Starting/changing/expanding your business?
  • Developing a new product?
  • Improving productivity/optimisation?
  • Need a new image or branding?
  • Trying to attract investment?
  • Using innovative business analysis to help you
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your business
  • Clearly identify markets & clients

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