Our Business Pixies take the work out of social networking

Social networks are becoming an important mechnism for getting your ideas out there and canvassing feedback. The range of social network tools is increasing rapidly with Twitter & Facebook leading the pack. Add blogging to the mix and you have a set of powerful channels for spreading the word about your ideas and letting your consumers know what they think.

But do you know where or how to get started, and once you are up and running do you have the time? We can help.

Tools such as Twitter can be used to great effect to broadcast information about new products, services and events. To be effective in these environments you need to recognise that it is a two-way conversation. You need to be listening as well as talking to keep people interested in what you have to say. This means that monitoring responses to your tweets and replying as and when appropriate is essential to keep the conversation going.

Equally, Facebook information needs to be up to date and blogs need regular posts. Again, monitoring and replies to user responses posted on a regular basis are essential because without this activity, the information becomes stale and uninteresting.

Large organisations can assign individuals dedicated to the set up and maintenance of social network tools, a luxury often not viable for small and medium sized organisations and individuals. For all involved the set up and operation of social networking tools requires careful thought and planning to get the best out of these systems and avoid wasting time. For many busy individuals or small organisations it is simply a case of knowing how and where to start.

We can help...

We can take on the set up and running of your social networking applications. Our Business Pixies can set up your accounts and then be assigned to do as much or as little as you require in terms of monitoring and maintenance. You only pay for the time you use.

    We can set up and monitor accounts for:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Pages (for organisations)
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs (WordPress, Blogger or on your own site)

We can also customise the look of your accounts, providing a consistent design concept across all your social networking applications, inline with an existing website and/or branding. In addition we can implement buttons, widgets and other links that tie all your online assets into one seamless presence ensuring you maximise the benefit.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your social networking.

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