Using your blueprint to grow your business

A thorough understanding of your markets and processes is crucial to the development of your business whether starting, expanding or changing.

In a workshop environment we drive out your markets and look at the relevant areas of your business from the perspective of each of those markets in turn.

The workshops taught us to think like a client rather than our point of view, to enable us to give out the right information to the right people for whatever angle of enquiry they are coming to us for.
Entertainment Agency, Bath

The angle of looking at each market through the eyes of a customer brings a new and fresh focus to each market and revamping our site with these new ideas definitely brought new visitors to the site.
Online Retailer - Musical Instruments, Books & Gifts

If your business requires it, we can then conduct more in-depth market research and analysis, via traditional processes or where relevant broadcasting and canvassing ideas on the web via for example, Facebook and Twitter. With this improved knowledge of your markets it is much easier to target investment proposals and marketing.

Guided by the markets you have identified, we can work with you to select the most likely sources for funding your type of business. Then we can advise you on the most appropriate way to present your investment proposal e.g. through exceptional presentations, websites and/or brochures.

Having a much clearer understanding of whom your product is aimed at will also aid any product development, branding/re-branding or image development. We can work with you to analyse your image and products, and advise you on how to improve your current products, image and branding or create something completely new. Meanwhile, our support services are there to help you with licensing, copyrighting, trademarking, patenting and intellectual property issues.

Once again, how you promote the new you will be determined by the markets you have identified. We will help you find and choose the best and most innovative way of promoting you, your business or your products to a particular market. While we might suggest a printed brochure for one market and a website or DVD for another, we won't assume your CV should be on paper!

Working with you we can identify your current, or define your proposed business processes. We can then advise you on how best to optimise these processes to increase productivity and profitability and provide/recommend any software or admin resources to support you.

    With all of this in place you are then ready to
  • Present effective investment proposals
  • Design improved or new image and branding
  • Project your products through targeted marketing, promotion and advertising
  • Promote your optimised processes to the business
  • Business development
  • Market research & analysis
  • Canvassing on Twitter
  • Image analysis
  • Brand & image development
  • Targeted marketing
  • CV marketing
  • Innovotive promotion
  • Web marketing
  • Increasing productivity
  • Business process optimisation
  • Software to help optimise your business

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