Getting your ideas out there

It is great to have ideas, stories to tell, plans for an event, products or a business, but if nobody ever hears about them, nothing will happen. Simply knowing the best way to communicate them can seem like a huge barrier to getting them done. But from the simplest party invitation to the most complex marketing campaign, we can help.

Maybe you want a low-cost invitation designed and printed, or maybe you would like help with using one of your own drawings or sketches as part of the design. Perhaps you have a larger more public event, whose success depends upon you reaching the right people, or you want to self-publish a book of your memoirs or stories. We provide a full range of design, printing and ISBN/ISMN registration services to fit all budgets.

How are you planning to attract investment for your new venture and what type of marketing materials do you require? This may be as personal as a targeted CV, a presentation of your ideas, a report with creative data representation or a brochure of your proposed products. You may already have your own identity, logo, image and branding or you may want Bizelix to design these for you. According to your budget this can be as simple as using stock images, an original design based on a short meeting with you or a full business analysis.

Marketing your ideas, product(s) and business may involve presentations, brochures, leaflets, posters and/or websites. Whatever you choose, we can help with the development, design or simply the production.

    This may include:
  • Creation of digital line art from original drawings, sketches and photographs
  • Imaginative logo design
  • Creative image design
  • Express fixed-price identities
  • Concept & layout design for invitations, leaflets, posters, CVs, business cards, letterheads & stationery
  • Imaginative data representation
  • Well designed diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Concept and layout design for presentations, supporting materials and reports
  • Brand design
  • Layout design of product packaging
  • Design of novel CV marketing
  • Different ways of presenting your business
  • Interesting product presentation
  • Concept & layout design for brochures
  • Concept, colour scheme and layout design for websites
  • Style sheet creation for websites from existing design
  • Design of exciting ways to present your ideas and products online
  • Development of different visual/aural presentation of your products online
  • Development of websites that are feature rich but easy to change and update
  • Exciting online shops which help turn visits into sales
  • Production of presentations & rich media CVs
  • Production & printing of invitations, leaflets, posters, CVs, business cards, letterheads, stationery, reports, brochures and books
  • Domain name selection, registration & management
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Integration with secure online payment processing systems

Our support services can also help with the final delivery of your marketing campaign, using traditional tried-and-tested methods e.g. leaflet distribution or more of the moment means such as virals, dependent upon your idea, event, product, business and budget.

  • Communicating your ideas
  • Design, production & printing
  • Invitations & social stationery
  • Letterheads & business cards
  • Leaflets & posters
  • Reports, brochures & books
  • Novel CV marketing
  • Captivating presentations
  • Creative data representation
  • Imaginative product presentation
  • Identity, logo, image & brand design
  • Innovative website marketing & sales
  • Helping you deliver your marketing campaign

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