A website is the current trend but is it essential or just a nice to have?

We have seen a steady increase in internet sales over the years and it can be an inexpensive way of testing the market if you treat it in the same manner as you would any marketing campaign and budget according to your means. Our advice is to think of a website as simply another marketing channel, it does not mean you never have to leaflet or advertise. That said, if someone is looking on the internet for a product in your particular area you need to be there. If your competitors are selling online, your customers will soon be theirs.

We can help you understand what is involved in having a website and what the risks are, guiding you through all the options, costs and relative benefits of going online. We have a long history of working with people in very diverse areas but you know your own area best. This means only you can decide whether an online presence is a viable option for you but we are there to help.

    We can work with you to:
  • Understand your ideas, products and/or business
  • Advise you on staffing required
  • Determine how your online business will fit with any existing systems
  • Decide whether you can sell the same way/use the same sales processes online
  • Identify which aspects of your shop(s) can be used online
  • See how your online shop will fit with existing outlets
  • Choose what to put online
  • Find out whether your exisiting credit and debit card merchant account can be used

With a good understanding of what is involved you are ready to make your choice and if you decide to go ahead we can provide a one-stop shop to get you online. You can buy a domain name for the website through us, we can host it for you and even provide you with your own email. We can quickly design and produce a website that suits your requirements and budget, and if you want to trade online, we can provide a shop facility at competitive rates with secure online credit and debit card processing from WorldPay. From a simple, inexpensive fixed price site to a bespoke complex solution - the choice is yours!

  • How does a website fit into your business?
  • Understand the benefits, costs & risks
  • What do you need if a website is a viable option?

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