Your virtual assistants and office staff

You may be trying to organise a family event, start up a new venture or expand your current business. All times when you are particularly busy and you just need some help getting things done. Time to call in the Business Pixies, because they can turn their hands to anything but as soon as the job is done they will disappear again! For a start-up, or if you are taking your first steps towards expansion this is ideal because there are no overhead personnel costs.

Just £19/hour + VAT.

Maybe you have a collection of scribblings you have written over the years and you now want them typed up, but taking on the task yourself is too daunting, or you would rather spend your time  scribbling some more. Another job for the Business Pixies! Similarly, if you are an entrepreneur you may think the first step to getting together a business proposal is to get your ideas typed up into a more formal document.

    For help organising your ideas and document preparation we can provide
  • Filing
  • Transcription and
  • Copy typing services

You may be further down the line with your ideas and ready to develop them into products.

    To support you in your product development we offer the following services
  • Market research/analysis
  • License, copyright, trademark, IP, patent registration
  • ISBN/ISMN registration
  • Printing and binding of self-published books/booklets

We can also fully assist you with your product development if you require more than just support.

The next step is to make others aware of your ideas or new products. The exact content and type of marketing material you need at this stage will be determined by your audience, but whatever you choose the quality needs to be excellent to succeed.

    To convey your ideas & products to potential investors & customers we can
  • Compile, print and bind presentations, brochures, reports and CVs
  • Securely transmit your documents

These services are tailored to you, so may involve simple production or you may want help with design and layout.

When your efforts are succesful, the launch of your new venture, will require more marketing. Maybe you want a complete new image so would like to make use of our full design service.

    Alternatively, our Business Pixies can produce and print
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Business cards and
  • Letterheads

So whether you are simply trying to organise an event, start up a new venture, expand your current business or just wanting to improve productivity, we can supply whatever office/admin/secretarial support you require. Allowing you time to concentrate on the actual event or work out the new staff you really need.

    Business Pixies are here to help you with
  • Filing, transcription, typing
  • Document and book production, printing, binding
  • Set-up and operation of sreadsheets, CMS, CRM
  • Stock control, order processing, procurement
  • Travel arrangements
  • Template and layout production for stationery, presentations
  • Web site content, updates, hosting and maintenance
  • Office, stock control, CMS, CRM, security, optimistaion software
  • Accounting, book keeping, expense management, PAYE/NI software
  • PC, networking, WiFi, software set-up
  • Social networking - blogs, Facebook, Twitter
  • Any admin task you need - contact us - we'll see what we can do!
  • Printing & publication support
  • Typing & admin resources to aid productivity
  • Office support for expansion/change
  • Product development support
  • Production of documents & marketing materials
  • Office & software setup
  • CV layout & production
  • Intellectual property (IP) administration
  • Web site administration
  • Blogs, Facebook, Twitter

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