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Your website should make an impact! That means good design - imaginative design-patterns and typography, stunning colours, great graphics and excellent layouts all seamlessly combined with any existing branding. You choose your own combination from our range of design-patterns, colour schemes, stock images and layouts. Providing you with a huge choice of professional designs and all this at an incredible price!

First you need to choose a design-pattern which provides you with the image you want to project. We have a range of design-patterns that have been created specifically to project different images. Are you looking for a clean, minimalist image or something more colourful with striking graphics? Whatever your needs we have a design-pattern to suit.

Once the design-pattern is chosen you can go on to choose the colour scheme to be used, perhaps matching it to branding colours that you already use. Each design-pattern is available in a fantastic range of colours that have been chosen to compliment the overall image. A customised colour scheme, which draws upon your existing branding can also be created for a small additional charge. Explore the sample selection shown below to get an idea of how changing the colour scheme of a design-pattern can transform the image it presents. All design-patterns can be added to in this way.

Most design-patterns can also accommodate high-quality graphics to further enhance the professional look. Using strong graphics in headings or under trasparent areas gives extra impact to a design. Stock images are available that are tightly integrated with each colour scheme and you can of course replace them with your own images and/or branding.

The next stage is to decide on the overall layout of your content. All our design-patterns are made to be flexible while ensuring that colours and layout work together to give a clear, consistent result with impact. The simplest available is a straight forward layout with a single main content area. If your content is more complex and organised into sections and sub-sections, you will need to be able to reach the sub-sections via a menu. In this case, you may require a sidebar which can be placed left or right. Another example is for information-rich sites, an additional area, which may contain content related to the main area can be added and again can be placed according to your requirements. Explore just four configurations of one design-pattern shown below to get an idea of the flexibility of our designs.

Finally, add your text, image and other content to complete your website. Whatever elements you choose to add, each will have a style applied to it that seamlessly matches it to the design-pattern in whatever colour scheme you choose. That's it, just a few simple choices allows you to design a fantastic looking website!

Professional website design at a price anyone can afford.

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