Getting your ideas out there is all about making an impact.

Whether it is a major marketing campaign or a leaflet for a local charity making an impact needs good design. Bizelix can help you by providing design expertise at whatever stage you require it, and at a level that fits your budget.

Every project, whether a leaflet, poster, brochure, report, book or web site usually involves similar elements that require design input. Each will require an overall concept, a colour scheme, a strong layout, graphical elements such as logos and images and usually some text.

We can help you form an overall concept for your project based firmly on your ideas. We offer a range of services, from short discussions to full workshops. Whatever your budget, we can create a strong concept that will support all your other design requirements.

We can design imaginative graphical elements for your project such as logos starting with whatever ideas you might already have. If you have sketches or photographs that form the basis of an idea, we can turn these into digital line art and incorporate them into your design. We can also help with photography if you need images with impact.

The presentation of data, especially in marketing materials or those designed to attract investment, is an area where design can have a huge impact on results. We can help you represent your data in creative and imaginative diagrams, charts and graphs to ensure your message is readily understood.

Even the simplest invitation, leaflet, poster or CV needs a strong layout if it is to succeed in grabbing the attention of your intended audience. If you are self-publishing a series of books you need a consistent layout for cover and inside pages that will instantly make your book recognisable and make it stand out on the crowded bookshelf. The success of presentations and brochures for business depends on clear but interesting layout design. We can design presentation concepts and layouts for you to create your own presentations or we can design the entire presentation for you along with all supporting materials. 

The layout for a web site is crucial to its impact and success and is a significant part of the work to create your site. If we have helped you define your blueprint and overall image, we can use this to produce a creative web site design. Alternatively, if you already have a strong concept for your web site, we can use this to design the HTML and style sheet, turning your ideas into a reality.

Achieving effective presentation and packaging for your products and your overall brand begins with a sound understanding of your target markets. Once we have defined your blueprint, we can use it to feed directly into the design of high impact packaging and presentation materials and a strong brand image. Developments in your business strategy and product development should be fed back through your blueprint ensuring that your branding and packaging stay focused, retain impact and consistency and achieve their goal of effective product promotion. Promotion of your products online requires an imaginative approach using all the audio-visual possibilities to create unusual and effective presentations, which keep your potential customer interested and converts web page visits into online purchases.

Presenting you or your business is just as important, which means high quality materials such as CVs, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and other stationery. We can design these for you based on your full blueprint from the workshops or just on a short conversation, again depending on your budget. We can even design novel ways of presenting you or your business, for example by using rich media instead of paper, which may have more impact for your particular ideas.

Our involvement doesn't stop with design. If you wish we can also help you with the production of all your marketing materials.

    Bizelix support services can:
  • Produce and print invitations, stationery, leaflets & posters
  • Compile, print and bind brochures, reports & books
  • Construct presentations & produce & print supporting materials
  • Build, host and maintain web sites
  • Concept, colour scheme & layout design
  • Graphic design of logos & images
  • Concept & image analysis
  • Using your own art work
  • Photography for impact
  • Imaginative data presentation & reports
  • Attention grabbing invitations & marketing
  • Striking brochures & books
  • Captivating presentations
  • Innovative websites
  • Effective branding & product packaging
  • Using rich media for CV & business marketing
  • Post design production & printing

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