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Below we have listed the various tasks involved in having a website. If you need to be sure of your costs, or are in a hurry, we offer budget fixed price solutions for websites. But if you require a bespoke solution Bizelix's pricing depends upon which tasks and how much help you actually need. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the tailored solution you require and provide you with a quote.

Domain Management

To help you take care of one of your most valuable assets

Domain name selection
Domain name registration
Domain transfer
  • Domain rights protection
  • Privacy
  • Hosting
  • Parking
Whois privacy
DNS changes
Data confirmation
  • Configuration
  • Customisation
  • Administration
Our fixed price solutions include domain name registration & essential management
Or contact us for tailored solutions

Hosting and Maintenance

Bizelix will maintain the site or provide you with a CMS

Configure domain hosting
Configure email hosting
Changes to existing text, image and media files
Deletion of existing text, image and media files
Addition of new pages, image and media files
Changes, deletion, addition of emails
Changes, deletion, addition of product lines
Seasonal bulk price changes
Changes, deletion, addition of P&P
Activation, deactivation, changes of promotions
Changes, deletion, addition of categories
Provision of content management system (CMS)
Our fixed price solutions include hosting & maintenance
Or contact us for tailored solutions

Health Check

If you want Bizelix to host, maintain and/or develop an existing site

We will look at any of the following that are appropriate to your particular case:
  • Ease of use
  • How easy the content is to find and understand
  • Faults - broken links & style sheets, missing images & media files, support for major browsers
  • Search engine rankings
  • Technologies used
  • Site design for further development
  • Code and structure for ease of maintenance
  • Code for origin of faults
  • Hosting
This will cover the results of any issues we reviewed in your particular case and will include a quote for:
  • Fixing any issues
  • Transfer of site
  • Hosting and maintenance
£75 + VAT for sites up to 50 pages
Contact us for a quote for larger sites

Site Transfer

Post Health Check if you want Bizelix to host & maintain a site

Set-up existing site for maintenance and backup
Abstract design concept, colour scheme & layout from existing site for ease of maintenance
Migrate design concept, colour scheme, layout and content to new environment for ease of maintenance
Migration/translation of existing database
Contact us for tailored solutions


Bizelix can help you structure your ideas & understand your markets

Clarify and structure your ideas
Understand your business
Look at what you want to market
Determine who your markets are
Determine how your markets will use your web site
Decide if your ideas and/or changes are viable on the web
Develop your ideas and plans
Find the best way to communicate your ideas on the web
Define the factors that will influence your image and branding
Our fixed price solutions include Bizelix's analytical expertise in standard menuing, image & branding components
Or contact us for tailored solutions


Bizelix can help you create your content

Help you write your own text
We write your text from rough copy, bullet points
We write your text based on existing documents - brochures, catalogues, reports, books
We produce your text from audio recordings of interviews, meetings or workshops
Image cropping for effect
Applying digital treatments to images
Creating line art from photographs and drawings
Video editing and/or re-encoding
Flash content creation
Text authoring from £15 + VAT
Image manipulation from £5 + VAT
Digital line art from £10 + VAT
Creating content is always a very specific activity so contact us for tailored solution

Product Information Review

To check the information is appropriate to sell your products online

Review current information
Advise on any edits required
This will depend upon the nature of the existing information so please contact us for a tailored solution.


For a new image, site design, product presentation and more...

Image design
Site design
Diagrams, charts and graphs
Exciting ideas & product presentation - visual/aural
Our fixed price solutions includes your choice from our professionally designed patterns, colour schemes and layouts for your site design.
Or contact us for tailored solutions


For fast delivery of reliable sites

Construct site structure
Build navigation
  • Hierarchical menuing
  • Matrix menuing
Implement style sheet
  • Design concept
  • Colour schemes
  • Layouts
Insert & mark up content
  • Informational text
  • Image & gallery files
  • Rich media files - audio, video, Flash, pdf
Online selling
  • Insert & mark up product listings & descriptions
  • Shopping cart integration
  • WorldPay customization
  • Promotions
  • Powerful product categorisation
  • P & P
Our fixed price solutions include site construction
Or contact us for tailored solutions


Getting it all working

Configure environment
  • Database
  • Backup schedule
  • Change control
Install & configure applications
  • Web server
  • Application server
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment gateway (WorldPay)
  • Order processing
Create user accounts
  • Order processing
  • Content management system (CMS)
Our fixed price solutions include site set-up
Or contact us for tailored solutions
  • Tasks & costs involved in:
    • domain management
    • domain & site hosting & maintenance
    • health check on an existing site
    • site transfer
    • analysis to clarify & develop ideas & business
    • content production for a site
    • product information review for an online shop
    • image & site design
    • product presentation
    • site construction
    • set-up

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